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About Classy Cuisines

Following in the footsteps of my grandmother, the story of where my passion for food starts, is wholeheartedly my family. Growing up my mom, grandmother and late aunt were always in the kitchen and I stayed close by very often. My grandmother who was a chef before retiring in 2016, would always watch the food network on her days off to relax and get inspiration. My first time hearing Emeril Lagasse say his iconic “Bam!” I was hooked and immediately wanted to learn more. Whether it was helping set the table or peeling and washing vegetables, my excitement and curiosity for food grew quickly. Fast forward to the present, where I now have a growing clientele base for weekly meals, completed many private dinner/events and THOUSANDS of hours of restaurant experience (paid my dues). With much learned and much more to learn, I humbly present my Chef service concept Classy Cuisines.

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